Spit on me – Spitting – Spit on

Open your mouth

Mistress Sara has to work a little bit in her office!

But she needs to spit a lot today and she dont want to swallow! So she forced her slave to be under her desk and every time she needs to spit she spits in the slaves face!

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High Heels with Spit

Amanda Rey spits on her high heels and then she forced you to lick them!

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Lick her spit from her soles

Mistress Anna forced you today to lick her dirty soles from her high heels.

Of course she likes to help you and spits on her soles – isnt it easier now to clean them?

Lick it – NOW!

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Spit on her soles

Jamie-Kate spits on her dirty soles from her worn sneakers.

Now she ordered you to lick them!

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Special spit cocktail

Mistress Amber has a special cocktail for you.

A cocktail with her tastefull spit and a mix of the ash of her cigarette!

Open your mouth for her – NOW !!! WIDE OPEN !!!


Big tits, nude – and fucking wet!


Olesya has a fucking hot body – and her tits are almost perfect!
She exactly knows her special effect on all men –
and thinking about already makes her smile!
But she also wants to let her body shine!
To do so she needs something else: Lot of her spit!
So she doesn’t waste any more time and let her saliva
run out of her mouth – flowing down between her tits,
until it reaches her already wet pussy!

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Porn Star Gina Gerson becomes WET!


Porn Star Gina Gerson found the way to our studio – and becomes very wet!
The sexy brat girl spits non stop on her fucking hot teenage body!
The spit is flowing down between her sexy tits – until it reaches her pussy!
Of course her pussy is already wet and drips of her lechery!
But Gina Gerson wants even more spit on her body and her pussy!
So she continues to spit until long threads of spit flow down her pussy!
Now there is only one thing to find out: Who will clean her again…?

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Lick our spit and clean the ashtray, bitch!


Bibi and Tina like humiliate you – because you are a pathetic loser!
You are not allowed to drink something else than their divine spit!
And don’t forget to clean their ashtray, it’s dirty and full of dust!
Of course – with your tongue only, you bitch!

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Amber – Red hairs and a spit fetish!


This is Amber! She is a red haired hottie and she likes spit!
She spits on her hot and sexy body and also covers her nice
and small breasts with her spit. And of course her pussy will
get some spit too! But she knows that there is one thing missing:
YOU! So don’t let her wait any longer and lick the spit of her
body and make her clean again…!

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Blonde porn star spits on her slave

Yeah, you are right – it’s Aileen Taylor!! And she likes to spit!
She has bound the hands of her slave together with a tight rope.
Now he is defenseless and she can do whatever she likes to do with
him… She makes fun of him and verbally humiliates him. And then
she even starts to spit on him! What a sadistic porn star she is…!

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