Spit on me – Spitting – Spit on

The sado sisters spit on you

Haha, you are such a loser! Just look at you!
Your dick is sooo small! You are not a man!
You are nothing! And we will show you that you are nothing!
We will spit on you! We will cover your face with our spit!
Just accept your fate and be our spittoon, bitch!

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Elaina and Janine collect their spit for you

Hey you little loser! You want something to drink?
You are thirsty? This is not a big problem!
Me and my girlfriend have something to drink for you!
Do you like our spit? Why do you look so disgusting?
Our spit is a divine gift! So take this glass and empty it…!!!

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You are my human ashtray!

Jenny Nina likes to smoke a cigarette to relax.
And she needs to relax now because she had to dominate you before!
And this task was very tough, because you are such a loser!
Now open your mouth and say “Ahhh”.
Take this ash of her cigarette! The ash is still hot?
This is no problem! She likes to spit into your dirty mouth to cool you too!

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Svenja spits on her boots and in your face!

Svenja wears a pair of black leather boots.
She likes her boots! But she likes something else too:
To spit in your ugly face! So lay down in front of her.
Open your mouth and drink all the spit.
And then continue your work and clean her wet boots too!

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Janine spits on her shoes and then in your mouth!

Janine likes to spit! She spits on her shoes and presses them on your face!
The saliva flows from her soles right onto your face! In your eyes…
But she doesn’t stop! She grabs your head, forces your mouth open
with two of her fingers and then spits into it!
What do you think, how does it taste…? Do you want more…!?

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Spitting in your face

spitting in your mouth

Demi and Kathi love to kiss each other and they love it even more when they can turn on a loser like you. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy those sexy lesbian ladies? Oh you can forget about that of course – they would never date a loser like you! But they have som other ideas what to make with you and what to use you for. What about being their living spit sink?

spitting lesbians kissing and spitting lesbians lesbian spit bowl

Welcome to spit-on.me!

Hello and welcome everybody on spit-on.me.

As the title of the website already blaps, this blog will inform you about dominant females who like to spit on their slaves. They used to spit into their faces or they spit right into yours in a point of view. I will also include webfindings like links, videos, pictures and forums. So stay tuned, this page will definitely be (or become) the best source for femdom spit lovers.

Have fun Dudes!

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